Camp Netanya, Canyon Cove, Anilao Beach Club, Pico Sands Hotel… Are all of these resorts familiar to you? Probably not.

With a wide variety of attractions, activities and spectacular sights, Batangas Resorts has everything you need for a memorable vacation, team building experience and a business travel destination!

Offering some of the most beautiful beaches, diving spots and resorts in the Philippines, and the most breathtaking views, your visit to Batangas will not soon be forgotten.


While visiting some of Batangas Resorts , you wont be short of things to do. From fun, adventure,  to peace & relaxation!


Batangas Resorts offers world class entertainments facilities from  restaurants to clubs and bars!

Scenic Spots

Whatever your holiday goals are, there are many tourist attractions available in beautiful Batangas Province!

Visitor Info

This section of the website provides you will all of the valuable information you will need as a tourist in our beautiful beaches.