Twitter is a social networking site and an online micro-blogging in which business or non business folks sign up for their own accounts and tweet or blog everything which they would want their fans and/or customers to learn about.  What makes Twitter so  famous site is that this website is not just a social networking feature but the large amount of people who uses it everyday wherein business owners can utilize their accounts in Twitter as a medium in marketing their businesses.

There are a lot of ways for you to reach out to your target market, which in this case we want to target previous and future visitors for your resort. Indeed online marketing has a huge amount of impact to business owners these days, I will be discussing about the importance of having a twitter account for your business.

How Twitter might help you in promoting your resort

  1. Sign up for a twitter account – make sure you include your business name e.g. @batangasresort or if not make sure you fill out your resort name on the Full Name area.
  2. Upload a Picture – gather all your picture and pick the one that will stand out and will leave a mark for your followers e.g. company logo, icon or the best place in the resort
  3. Gain followers – this is an easy step, make sure every visitor fills up information sheets and include a twitter name on some part of the sheet for you to easily find them also promote your twitter account on every calling card or if you have a website make use of the space and invite them to follow you.
  4. Tweet interesting promos and features – make sure you promote your promos, features, packages and discount rates.
  5. Talk to your followers and what interests them – You will benefit from these in two ways: (1) you don’t need to think of stuffs to promote or packages to boast all you have to do is talk to the people of what they want and get a list of information then do marketing plan and strategies for futures use. (2) It shows that you care for your visitors and you are human and not just a twitter account for posting advertisements
  6. Retweet interesting things – don’t just tweet stuffs about your business, point out interesting stuffs and talk about none business stuffs too.
  7. Be helpful – do customer service.
  8. Instead of answering questions for customer service or inquiry, ask questions sometimes like “how are you today? Waves here are inviting blah blah blah…”
  9. Twitter is great from getting opinions of everyone so make use of it ask questions see #5
  10. Give advice, travel tips and guide. Talk about the weather condition this week or if the wave is high or low stuffs like that ignite a conversation.