List of Beach Resorts in Lobo, Batangas

The town of Lobo also boasts fine and enchanting beaches, though only a few have unearthed the beauty of its shorelines. Certain beaches are perfect for snorkeling, diving and underwater photography. One can view different sea creatures at clear and knee-deep waters. Flying fish hopping in harmony is a common spectacle. While at nighttime, luminous planktons light up the sea.

We have listed down resorts and beaches around Lobo. If you have tips and other contact informations of the following lobo resorts kindly send us an email on the link below this post.

1. Almalin Beach Resort

almalin beach resort isla verde

Address:  Barangay Fabrica, Lobo, Batangas
Contact Number: Tel: (+63 2) 425 49 62 Mobile: (+63) 927 673 28 36

Being shielded by a range of mountains culminating with Mount Calo and Mount Hebangao, and bathed by the clear waters of the Verde Island Passage, ALMALIN Beach Resort is ideally located to offer very clean air and water on a gently sloping golden sand beach.

2. Gerthel Beach Resort

Gerthel beach resort

Address:  Fabrica, Lobo, Batangas
Contact Number: 0918 724 7983

Gerthel Beach Resort is a very welcoming piece of paradise known for its white, sandy coast.  Found in the town of Lobo, the one-kilometer stretch of white sand beach has a gradually sloping ocean floor of up to about two hundred meters.  The beach itself is surrounded a lush forest that adds to the idyllic charm of the area.

3. Submarine Garden Resort

submarine garden resort

Address:  Barangay Sawang,Lobo, Batangas
Contact Number: 632-8315945, 0932-3263390, 0927-3405757

Submarine Garden Resort is a private resort located in brgy Sawang, Lobo, Batangas. Fanned cottages located just a few steps to the beach, a pavilion for your function, huts for small and day tour pleasure. Front beach scenery is a sanctuary and is included in the Verde Island Passage, in which is the Center for Marine Biodiversity. Ideal for swimming, snorkling, skin diving and also for hikers and nature lovers.