How to be featured in a Post

If you’d like your beach, restaurant, resorts, guest-house, event or anything else be featured in a post on My Resorts Batangas, contact me on myriemarquez at gmail dot com or simply fill up the contact form. We don’t accept payment for posts, but we would appreciate it if you issue us an invitation to stay at your resort, eat at your restaurant, come to your event or take part in your activity at no expense. We feel this is a very fair exchange for the value you will gain by being featured on the blog.

My Resorts Batangas is an up and coming Premiere Directory and Travel Blog of Batangas Resorts and is focused on gaining lots of readers and visitors from all over the Philippines and Worldwide as well. As we vow to push the website’s traffic and brand you will benefit in two ways:

  1. You will get direct exposure for your brand amongst our visitors. Because we don’t accept payment for posts, our reviews remain honest and factual, giving them greater weight in the eyes of our readers.
  2. If you have a website of your own, the inbound contextual links from My Resorts Batangas – a site that is well-regarded by Google – are likely to positively affect your search engine rankings.