11 04, 2015

Why look forward to Batangas in Summer?

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Despite having an early rainy summer due to the untamed and quite confusing climate there are still a few very hot days in Batangas Province.  You’ll still be able to enjoy the gloriously warm summer days, with its blue skies, sizzling weather, bustling beaches, shorts weather and constant hum of activity. Summer is lovely in [...]

19 12, 2012

A Backpacking Guide for People Traveling to Batangas

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The Batangas region in the Philippines is one of the country’s most stunning spots. It’s not only naturally beautiful – which oodles of naturally glorious nature spots to explore – but the city itself and the towns and villages in the area that surround it are friendly, welcoming and offer a unique bit of culture themselves. […]

9 09, 2011

Reasons to Visit Batangas

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Batangas – A province in the Philippines located at the south-western part of Luzon in CALABARZON region. Surrounded by Cavite and Laguna Province in the north, Quezon Province in the east, Mindoro Province on its south and the South China Sea located on the west side of Batangas, which is the reason why most of the towns are surrounded with water, thus leaving batangas with its famous beaches and marine life and flora. Batangas has 31 municipalities and 3 cities. Batangueños, local residents, speaks tagalog but in a deep and melodic way. English is well understood and spoken in the province. Famous with its historic contribution, lovely beaches and beautiful people, this is the place to be if you’re looking for a travel destination. […]

8 09, 2011

Batangueno Dialect

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There are tons of batangueno terms to know about – have you heard any? As the language differs quite a bit between regions, sometimes it’s hard for even Filipino people to understand regional dialects. { ANO GA? } If you’re planning a trip to Batangas at some point in the future this post is definitely worth reading. […]

5 09, 2011

Foods to try in Batangas

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When traveling, one of the best highlights of your adventure is to taste the delicacies that are being offered in that certain  place. When visiting one of Batangas Resorts there are foods you should not miss to try. Most people who have been to Batangas said that visiting the place is one of the best moments of their lives because of the great experience that they had while staying there. They also give great commendation to every food that they have eaten in Batangas because Batangueños has a different way of cooking. One wouldn’t complete his or her Batangas trip if he or she has not tasted one of Batangas best delicacies. Here are some foods that travelers should not miss to try while having a vacation at one of Batangas Resorts. Batangas Lomi Image by: karlaredor […]