The Internet has been a tool for resort owners, local or international, to reach millions of new visitors each month. Imagine the World Wide Web as a potential visitor of yours, with almost billions of searches happening over the web in a month, all you have to do is catch them and set dates for their visits. The big question now is “How can YOU catch new visitors?”

For this to happen, you must adapt and take the initiative to know about the existing solutions, there are known steps for you to be successful in telling the world about your resort and what it has for them to visit.

Setting Up

The planning stage is very essential as its implementation phase, given that failing to prepare is preparing to fail – as most marketing experts say.  This post will be divided into 2 parts, which will include establishing online presence, and reaching out and building relationships.

Establishing Online Presence for your Resort

Physically your resort exists on the map; every local and previous visitor knows that, now what we want to do is to establish an online address to represent your business for future visitors to know more about your resort  and why would they choose it over the other. Here are some tips for you to consider:

  • Hire a team of online marketers composed of a web designer / web developer, article writer and a Search Engine Optimizer who knows how to create a well-rounded website that can compete in search engine results page like Google and handle all new queries for potential visitors.
  • Your website must contain pages like:
    • Homepage – Must contain all the best facilities, discounts and promos available
    • About – A brief history of your resort, owners, previous events that happened etc…
    • Blog – Include a blog section and write articles about your current promos and discounts
    • Contact – Make sure you have a landline, mobile phone number and Email for possible customer inquiry.
    • Facilities – This page is very vital for you website, this may be your ace page.
    • Gallery – Post all the best image of your resorts here.
    • Testimonials – Increase of trust and resorts brand online
    • Optional pages are: Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Disclosure, Gallery, etc…
    • Allow visitors to comment on blog post and answer what they ask like room rates and packages to let them know that you are in a serious business with them.

Reaching Out and Building Relationships

  • Engage with the online society; find a forum or a group of people related to your business. You can share your ideas with them about promos and packages that can be good for your resort. Build a strong relationship with these people; invite them over your resort for them to experience and have a piece of what you offer and request for them to evaluate or make a review as exchange for their visit.
  • Engage with bloggers that provides content related to your business by regularly following their blogs and leaving sensible comments, sharing their posts, mentioning them on a blog post on your website and connecting with them via social media, personal email messages or phone calls if possible.
  • Engage with your previous visitors, create a facebook fanpage for them to like and for them to be aware of new discounts, room rates and packages. I have seen some Anilao Resorts owner taking advantage of the facebook fan page.
  • Connect your website with various social network and social media sites for ease access and a way of visitors to contact you.
  • Encourage your visitors to make a positive review on their stay this can be useful for your website’s presence and brand marketing. You can give incentives such as freebies, and discounts to convince your past visitors to make a positive review about your resort through your newsletter, testimonial page or a blog post.
  • Sponsor or organize contests collaborating with bloggers to organize contest can produce huge audience or future visitors.
  • Contact users that have mentioned a positive review online through a blog post, tweet and facebook share. Once you have established a connection with these people it is now easy for you to catch new visitors online.

If you are interested on getting your resort featured on our blog or you just want to know more about online marketing do not hesitate to contact us. We can help you with this. Lets Talk!

Image Credit: divalynn