29 06, 2015

Travel Guide to Anilao, Batangas

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How to Commute to Anilao Whether you choose to come solely to Anilao or include it as part of a larger itinerary, most visitors to Batangas travel to Anilao. Travelling from Manila to Batangas is almost a 3-hour drive, you can hit the road running when you touch down on the Airport straight to Anilao's Diving Havens. [...]

21 04, 2015

Batangueño Word of the Week #1: AMPIYAS

By |April 21st, 2015|Word of the Week|0 Comments

Ampiyas Verb: 1. for droplets of rain to be blown by the wind. Noun: 1. droplets of water, usually rain, blown by the wind. Ba’t ga ika'y nariyan? Ikaw'y sisip-unin. Naampiyas diyan.” Translate: Bakit andyan ka? Magkakasipon ka. Pumapasok ang tubig ulan. Bakit andyan ka? Magkakasipon ka. Naambon diyan.

13 04, 2015

12 Little-Known Facts About Batangas Province

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Think you’re clued up on all there is to know about our beloved Batangas Province? Think again! There’s a whole lot of info about the province that you’re unlikely to be familiar with. So, in an effort to keep you on your toes, here are some of the best from this unofficial guide of facts [...]

13 04, 2015

Batangueño Word of the Week #1: MABANAS

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Mabanas: pronounced mah-bah-nas Adj: hot, but pertaining to the weather. Other Tagalog: Mainit. “Ano gang pagkakabanas.” Translate: Ang init.

11 04, 2015

Why look forward to Batangas in Summer?

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Despite having an early rainy summer due to the untamed and quite confusing climate there are still a few very hot days in Batangas Province.  You’ll still be able to enjoy the gloriously warm summer days, with its blue skies, sizzling weather, bustling beaches, shorts weather and constant hum of activity. Summer is lovely in [...]